And we’re gonna kick your ass!

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My band Plague Rider are giving out 200 free promo copies of our self titled, self released album to the first 200 through the doors at ‘kin hell fest. If your going and get one give me a shout. Looking for gig offers and such from this as well as general promo.


Close up of my boots

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Just a little thing I painted to spice up my denim jacket.


Judas Priest: Sad Wings of Destiny

Second album, Gull Records, 1976

Judas Priest were one of the godfathers of the NWOBHM, and their second album defined their sound. “The Ripper”, “Genocide”, “Tyrant”, and the set-piece “Victim of Changes” continue to be standards of the band’s live performances (while songs from their debut LP Rocka Rolla were retired by 1978).

This album, along with the earlier Rocka Rolla, were reissued many times by numerous labels over the decades; and tracks from both records were compiled many times beginning with 1978’s The Best of Judas Priest (consisting only of tracks from their two Gull Records releases) and the 1981 Hero Hero (a double-album which essentially repackages both Gull Records LPs). Other collections of their Gull Records output include 2000’s CD collection Genocide.


Marvel meets Metal. \m/

featuring: Ronnie James Dio (Doctor strange), Doro Pesch (Lady Sif), Dave Mustaine (Iron Fist), Tom Araya (Azazel), Scott Ian (the Human Torch), Tony Iommi (Iron Man), Lemmy Kilmister (Wolverine), James Hetfield (Whiplash), Bruce Dickinson (swordsman) and Rob Halford (Ghost Rider).


Ronnie James Dio


Stu Block - Iced Earth