if you dont love them


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Snow White. Bengal. Golden. White.

Oh hell yeah this is the coolest picture ever

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Paul Stanley 1977/1978

I’m not Nikki Sixx, but my PhD will make you feelgood.





This is a really shitty screencap but lol look at Gene in a Rick sandwich.

Also side note here these guys are just amazing. Bringing a man out onto the stage that suffers with ALS and making him feel like he’s on top of the world standing with two of the greatest bands in existence. I really admire them, all of them, for accepting this challenge and having fun with it like they did.

I watched the video here and took the screen cap so here’s where you can see our boys getting soaking wet.

Also…Viv was the only one not wearing full length pants can we just appreciate how smart this man is lol

Thank you for this oh my god❤️

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Phil Rudd(Acdc drummer)-Repo Man


Feeling honored cause Lzzy Hale answered me back on twitter. I asked her if i would meet her one day if she would sign my paper and she said of course! So i’m honored and happy knowing she is gonna sign my paper :)