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COVER FRIDAY: Diamonds and Rust by Judas Priest (Joan Baez cover) - In one of the more unlikely pairings, the metal gods cover one of folk’s all-time legends.  Judas Priest did not release a ton of covers, but the ones they did were always interesting, like The Green Manalishi on the Hell Bent for Leather album which was a Fleetwood Mac cover.  Many of the best covers and worst covers seem to happen in that genre cross-over, and lucky Priest comes out of the best covers side.

They had toyed with a cover of Baez hit Diamonds & Rust for awhile. The first pass got cut from the Sad Wings of Destiny album.  Luckily, their new producer Roger Glover was able to convince the band to do another version and release it on the Sin After Sin album, their first record on the CBS label.  It ended up being the first commercial radio hit for the band and even got avid support from Baez herself.  It is a phenomenal version of the original made even better with Rob Halford’s excellent vocal performance on the tune.


Judas Priest

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